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Screen reader users, just click here to load complete article This page uses JavaScript to progressively fill the article content as a user scrolls. In general, vegan diets or doing a uncooked plant-based diet are so beneficial for improving energy levels , alkalizing your body, and reversing certain types of disease and certain types of tumors. Love your post about eating pizza sometimes…I have been doing paleo for weekly now and I'm being amazing. I tried pizza yesterday evening for the first time in a week, I sensed so crappy and bloated. It's a great reminder why I started out it to begin with.

I've been on the Paleo diet for over a month and have found significant improvement in my vitality and health and wellness. My glucose volumes (diabetic) have also drop at a reasonably good rate as well from over 200 down to around 120 over in this same amount of time. So, I am very happy with the diet. However, I simply began doing some fresh wheatgrass juice and I thought that it might be OK given that the juice is made from greens/grass which is not really a seed or grain. Then, I found one of the previous remarks where you indicated a pre-packaged very drink had not been good because it contained wheatgrass. Could you please help me to comprehend why these renewable grasses like wheat grass and barley grass are not best for us.

But cavemen acquired brief lifespans! We live way much longer now” - I agree with you here, but only because you don't need to offer with the potential issues of living in the past. Give those hunter-gatherers usage of modern technology and medication and I wager their life expectancy would easily surpass ours. Jen - Someday I'd wish to lead the life span you've chosen. If I weren't so mounted on my rock and roll gyms and rock walls and frequent vacationing, I would. Lucky you!

The other reason I'm a fan is because you can eat what you want (provided it's paleo), when you want, and eat however much of it you like. Eat a huge breakfast, skip lunch break, and a major dinner. Eat a small breakfast, two snacks, and then evening meal. Do whatever makes you happy and ties in your schedule. I love this kind of stress-free eating.

Thank you a lot for the kind words. We found much personal success that people really tried out to make it easy to comprehend for the newbies to can get on board the lifestyle. It makes me pleased to hear that you found it so helpful! As for your commentary on the alcohol, we absolutely appreciate the constructive criticism…its what makes us better. I study the guide, and it does appear that people make an exception. I want to be clear that we recommend chopping that out as well, but if you can't, then there are options. Due to this, I inserted a collection in the guide that mentions that if you need to reach optimal health, slice it out, but if you can't, then see the additional guide.paleolithic definition